Mariana Bassani

Mariana Bassani is an artist, photographer and environmental activist from São Paulo, Brazil.  Where she studied Biology, Photography and the mysteries of the Atlantic Forest. Passionate about the Natural world and the Arts from a very young age, with hands-on experience in environmental conservation and art projects, she immersed herself in the intersection of conservation & art on an international level, working as a  conservationist and photographer in partnership with diverse environmental projects and NGOs 

Her favourite medium is photography, communicating and capturing the plant kingdom and the landscape in her very unique way.

As an adventurer she travels the globe capturing nature’s beauty with her very unique ethereal photography style in hope to inspire people to be amazed about it all: the beauty of nature, its ingenious complexity and fragility and how much humanity is an intrinsic part of the natural world.

 Most recently she returned back to Brazil to work on projects in the Amazonas, Mata Atlantica and Cerrado in an effort to bring awareness to the very urgent need to protect these beautiful and delicate ecosystems.

​The goal of her art practice is to inspire people to go deeper into the ancestral connection we humans have with the environment and to take action for a present and a future where humans respect and worship Nature in order to live in harmony with the Cosmos.


Biology, Mackenzie, São Paulo Brazil (2001)

Photography, SENAC, São Paulo Brazil  (2004)

Horticulture, Capel Manor, London UK   (2014)


2011 –London Tree and Woodland Award